Prepaid/Monthly Programs

Prepaid Parking

To obtain a Prepaid Parking card, please inquire at the booth to purchase your card.

  • Price includes airport taxes and fees.
  • 30 day minimum purchase required.

30 Day Prepaid Parking Card

$270.00 per Month

Upon purchase, you will receive a 30 Day Prepaid Parking Card loaded with 30 days of value. Given that prepaid parking cards do not expire, there is a no-refund policy after purchase. If you lose your Prepaid Card, please contact us immediately so that we can disable your card and transfer remaining days to a new card. Prepaid Cards are reusable and value can be added to the card as requested in increments of 30 days. Prepaid Cards can be used for Standard Parking only.


Monthly Parking Program

Monthly Airport Parking in Salt Lake City is available at our Mountain Lot.

Monthly Covered Parking

$350.00 per Month

  • Contract includes airport taxes and fees
  • Receive assigned parking stall with customer name plate
  • Six month contract required350


Open Parking – Best Value!

$250.00 per Month

  • Contract includes airport taxes and fees
  • Six month contract required

Monthly Parker Registration

Please complete the form below to apply for a monthly parking contract. Once we receive your submission, our sales manager will email you the necessary information to establish a monthly parking account. Covered monthly parking contracts are subject to availability.