1. Upon entering our lot, you are greeted by a booth attendant who helps you select the parking for your needs and instructs you on which aisle to park. Complimentary newspapers are provided.
  2. Shortly thereafter, a shuttle arrives at your car where the driver assists you with your luggage upon boarding the shuttle. Once the shuttle leaves the lot, you are minutes from the airport.
  3. The shuttle driver will drop you off at your terminal curbside and once again assist you with your baggage.
  4. While you are away, enjoy the added convenience of having your car professionally serviced and detailed.


  1. When you return from your trip and obtain your luggage, using your phone call Park n’ Jet at (801) 596-PARK for shuttle service and you will be instructed at which door number to wait. Expect the shuttle to arrive within 5 – 8 minutes.
  2. The shuttle driver will return you to your car and assist you with your bags.
  3. After a long day traveling back home, treat yourself to a free “touchless” car wash and enjoy a complimentary chilled bottle of water upon exit. If you are in a rush to get home, we offer an express automated credit card exit. “Touchless” car wash available.