MVP Rewards

Park n’ Jet is proud to announce yet another improvement to its MVP Rewards Program with the launch of the Park n’ Jet Mobile App. We are confident that the App will significantly enhance your parking experience. For ease of use, customers can now use the Park n’ Jet App in place of their MVP Rewards Card. For those of you who are not ready to go mobile, the MVP Rewards Card will still be available for use.

MVP Rewards Program – Free Registration!

  • $1 off Standard and $2 off Covered Parking per day
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent (excludes tips)
  • Free automatic “touchless” car wash
  • Online Account: View and update your profile, view rewards points, and print receipts from previous trips

Redeem Points

Points can be redeemed as follows:

  • 200 points = One Day Standard Parking
  • 250 points = One Day Priority Parking
  • 300 points = One Day Covered Parking

How it Works

As a MVP Rewards member, for every $1 you spend, you will receive one loyalty reward point. Points may be redeemed for various rewards ranging from free parking to various detail services. We have designed a flexible rewards program that allows you to redeem points at your leisure with no restrictions or black-out dates. As an MVP Rewards member, you will have online access to your account allowing you to view your parking history, determine total point accumulation, among other benefits.

To start earning points under our program, you must join MVP Rewards. We highly recommend that you join the MVP Program using the Park n’ Jet Mobile App. Once you become a member of MVP Rewards, you will be issued a MVP Number (electronic or physical card) and will be given online account access. If you join the program using the App, you will be issued an electronic MVP Rewards card, accessible with the App (Loyalty Card).

Every time you park with us, present your electronic or MVP card upon exit to accrue points. The booth attendant will scan your card and for every $1 spent (excluding tips), one point will be automatically added to your online account. Even if you misplace your card, don’t worry, your points are electronically banked in our system, and a new card can be re-issued at no cost.

When you have earned 200 or more points, you may redeem them at your next visit. Alternatively, you may continue to accumulate points in order to redeem a reward of greater value. When you’re ready to redeem your reward points, simply hand your MVP card to the cashier upon exit and choose your reward. Points cannot be redeemed for partial rewards.

Already a MVP Rewards Member? If you are a MVP Rewards Member, we recommend that you download the Park n’ Jet Mobile App to improve your parking experience. Once you download the App, you will be able to access an electronic MVP Rewards card under “Loyalty Card”. Note, your electronic MVP Rewards Card number will be identical to your physical card.

MVP Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Park n’ Jet’s MVP Rewards Program is subject to change without notification. MVP cards (electronic/physical cards) cannot be combined. Points earned through this program have no cash value. Points earned have no expiration date, unless the rewards program is terminated. Park n’ Jet’s MVP Rewards points may not be combined with other coupons, ads, or special promotions. Membership in Park n’ Jet’s MVP Rewards Program may be revoked at any time. Park n’ Jet reserves the right to alter, limit or modify program rules, rewards, and reward levels, or to terminate its MVP Rewards Program or membership at any time. Usage of the MVP card (both electronic and physical card) and/or redemption of points accumulated acknowledges your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. To accumulate rewards points, it is the customer’s responsibility to present their card to the booth attendant or at the automated exit machine when paying for parking. This program is not valid for use by Park n’ Jet employees.

Park n’ Jet will not release your name to any list, or service and information obtained through the MVP Rewards Program will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Register Now

If you prefer not to register for our MVP Program using the Park n’ Jet Mobile App, please complete the form below to enroll in the program.